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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: sitemap ?issues?.. maybe..
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 09:51:00 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
>>I apologize up front for being a pest while you guys are prepping for
>>the release but...
> No worries. Development continues on. You are not being a pest,
> far from it. Thanks anyway for being so considerate.

Quite right, I am finding Tims help invaluable with the locationmap 
branch. These other observations are very valuable for Forrest as a 
whole. Keep it up Tim, just stop appologising :-P

>>Anyone know why this is the way it is?  Since the duplication is
>>consistent it does make me question whether I've missed something but
>>preliminary testing has not uncovered anything -- of course my current
>>testing wouldn't uncover any performance issues if that happens to be
>>the rationale.   Is this just standard in Cocoon-based apps?
> My guess is that it is just that we have not gone back
> and cleaned up the sitemaps code. The old issue with
> Opensource projects not being good at consolidation.

I too would guess that this is the case. I've tried to clean things up 
when removing code to plugins, but may well have left the components in 
the original subsitemap, due to this kind of "laziness".

> Thanks for raising this issue. It is important that we do
> clean them up, if only to prevent confusion. Whether that
> happens before release or not, i don't know. If someone
> could do it quickly, then that would be excellent.

> Anyway, lets hope that someone else can confirm that.

The easiest way to test is to remove a bunch of components then do 
"forrest run" and request pages you know would use that component.

To be certain things work though it will be necessary to do:

build test

Tim, *if* you tackle any of this please do it against trunk rather than 
the locationmap branch. But remember we are going into a code freeze 
soon, so it may be better to leave it until after the release, or to do 
it in the locationmap branch. I'm hoping we can merge this branch almost 
immediately after the release.


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