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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: cocoon protocols
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 08:17:59 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>According to my understanding as expressed above a cocoon:/ in the
>>>project sitemap will *not* search the root sitemap, a cocoon:// will.
>>>Of course, you have provided an example that indicates this is not the
>>>case despite the Cocoon docs agreeing with this. The hypothesised
>>>fallback behaviour would fit this case too.
>>>To have a definitive answer you will need to search the cocoon mail list
>>>archives and if necessary ask over there.
>>I  did search the Cocoon mailing list and it brought me some comfort
>>in knowing that there are many folks confused by the cocoon protocols.
> :-)
> I reckon that it would be wise for someone to ask either cocoon-users
> or cocoon-dev about our issue. Can either Tim or Ross pose the correct
> question? I can't. 

I'll take it to the Cocoon user list soon, if Tim doesn't beat me to it.

> Also do you think that this affects our release?

No, everything works just fine. It is just something Tim has uncovered 
because his method of learning is to read the code (now that is the kind 
of developer I like - he is even patching our docs as a result of his 

> I hestitated to say this next comment, because it might be off track.
> Gianugo reported problems to cocoon-dev:
>  Subject: cocoon:// protocol and map:mount 
>  Date: 2005-03-21

This may be relevant in that the bug referred to in that thread is a 
stack overflow, Tim has shown cocoon:/ actually goes to the root sitemap 
when it shouldn't. I can imagine it is possible to create a sitemap in 
which this would result in a stack overflow. But this is only guesswork 
right now, like David, I am hesitant to say the two things are connected.

What is important to realise is that Forrest is *not* suffering from 
that bug. This stuff has been in place since the very early days of 
Forrest and we have not found a problem with it yet.

It is potentially worrying though since we are using mounts and the 
cocoon: protocol extensively in Forrest, even more so with the plugin 

I think the course of action is:

1) get the official word from cocoon users about what behaviour should 
be found in Tim's example cases

2) get the official word as to why that behaviour doesn't happen 
(assuming my interpretation of the docs is correct)

3) if necessary go to the Cocoon dev list and ask if there is a likely 
connection between 2) and the bug in the above linked thread

Tim, feel free to do this if you have the time/inclination. If not I'll 
get to it sometime after the 0.7 release. I've added a task in our issue 
tracker at


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