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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Locationmap now works for repositories
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 18:44:35 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> On 6/7/05, Ross Gardler <> wrote:


>>What you appear to have tested is what happens if the locationmap does
>>not have a match for the resource.
> Right, I've now tested:
> a) If the "hint" does exist in locationmap.xml --> Works as expected 
> b) If the "hint" does exist in locationmap.xml but the location src is
> junk --> fails in the same way that it would if
> {project.content.xdocs}tabs.xml didn't exist.
> c) If the "hint" does not exist in locationmap.xml --> Works as
> expected once SourceExistSelector is hacked.

OK, can you raise an issue for (c) with a snippet showing your workaround.

>>>o) The empty string comes into SourceExistsSelector and for some weird
>>>reason the resolver resolves it to
>>>"file:/C:/src/apache-forrest-7-branch/main/webapp/" (for me, but you
>>>get the idea).
>>This is not weird if one knows the internals of Cocoon. This location is
>>  the context root for your installation of Cocoon. This is were
>>everything is relative to. So, since we have a null from the locaitonmap
>>module we are looking in the root.
> This may seem reasonable to Cocooners but I still think such behaviour
> is non-intuitive.

I didn't mean we should leave it as is, only that it makes sense. The 
perils of working in an alpha branch I'm afraid.

>>Could you provide a patch to the locationmap branch for the stuff that
>>you have done so that we can both see the same code.
> Sure, post it to the jira issue or send to the list?

Patches should always go in Jira they don;t get lost there.

> It'll take some
> time because I'm going to have to revert everything and reapply select
> changes locally so that I don't goof anything up.

No problem, take all the time you need. Your input so far has been 
valuable enough, I just want to make sure we capture it in a more 
permanent memory than my own and the list archives.


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