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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Questions about the release instructions
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 18:39:57 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:


I have never done a release so I'm only giving you my interpretation of 
the document. Authorative answers will come from elsewhere if I have got 
something wrong.

>> - Create a new file, etc/RELEASE-NOTES-x.y.txt, where x.y is the version
>>   currently being released.  It is best to copy an earlier RELEASE-NOTES file,
>>   to keep a common layout.
>>   In this file, provide a summary of changes, and check for general accuracy.
>>   Scan the status.xml/changes and the Roadmap via the issues tracker,
>>   to find the important issues.
> Ross: Is this the part that you have automated? If so, can you pls
> provide me with new instructions.


Be aware of, 
however, this patch need not be applied for our release (since the 
current behaviour is OK for our limited use case).

>> - Check out a fresh copy from SVN to make sure you have no local modifications,
>>   especially those that might be hidden by svn:ignore settings.  Alternatively,
>>   run 'svn st --no-ignore' and delete any extra files.
> I don't understand this step.
> - Wouldn't this have to come as a very first step before the
>   I start editing the release numbers?


> - When do I commit the changes to the release numbers?

I didn't read the whole process, doens't it say something about creating 
a branch? If that is the case then you can commit anytime on the branch. 
I'd commit the trunk changes when everything has been approved, just 
before tagging the release (assuming we do that)

> - what exactly is to be done?
>   = run 'svn st --no-ignore'
>   = delete any extra files. What extra files?

this is an alternative approach, but it could be error prone. I'd go 
with a clean checkout

>> - Set your Java version to be the lowest specified of our supported versions.
> Where is the definitive info on the supported versions? The FAQ says
> we need Java 1.4 or better. Does that mean it has to be 1.4.0 or can
> it be 1.4.x


> How do I 'set my java' to it? Install and adjust environment settings?
> Which ones are required?


>> - Run 'build release-dist' to generate the distributions.
>>   - Two archives are created: apache-forrest-X.Y.tar.gz
> I only have a windows machine. So this step needs to be done on what?
> Linux, Unix, ???

Linux is just fins - you'll have to ask someone to do this build for you.

>> - Repeat that on a Windows machine.
>>   - Use the .tar.gz from the UNIX machine and .zip from the Windows machine.
>>   - In that way, SVN will ensure correct line-endings on all text files.

Well you can do this, you will need

>> - Test the actual distribution on various platforms.
>>   - Upload the release candidates and signatures to a committer's webspace.
>>   - Ask all developers to test (command-line, run, and webapp).
>>   - Each developer can do 'build release- dist' and test locally.
>>     Coordinate to ensure that each is using the same SVN revision
>>     and that the MD5 sums match.
> How is this to be coordinated?

Via the mail list and JIRA:
- announce the download availability
- people download and test
- OK via mail list
- problems via JIRA

>>   - Follow the actual user instructions in README.txt and index.html
>>   - Use it to build some difficult sites.
> Which sites are difficult? Are we

certainly the fresh-site and our docs should be tested, but this is 
really up to the testers, we know which of our sites have lots of tricks 
in them.

>>Upload and announcement
>> - Upload the tarballs, the *.asc and *.md5 files, **and the RELEASE-NOTES**
>>   to at /www/ dist/forrest/
> how to I upload (technically)

scp (it's in your Cygwin download, ask nearer the time for exact commands)

> what are tarballs? The tar-archves.


> why not also upload the zip-files?

that's an oversight I think

>>   Each PMC member has a server account and belongs to the forrest group.
>>   The process is documented at
>>   Ensure correct file permissions: chgrp forrest; chmod 664
> I guess this means 'issue these commands'?


> Create a new directory and then?

No, that will already be there, see the doc linked to above.

>>   Leave the previous dist there as well, until after the announcement.
>>   Note: The other files there (HEAD.html README.html LICENSE.txt KEYS)
>>   are all automatically updated from the SVN:forrest/dist/ repository.
>> - If necessary, re-arrange stuff at the Archives site
>>   You should not need to touch anything, the artifacts are automatically
>>   copied from the main /dist/forrest/
>      How do I know it is 'necessary'?
>      How is it to be rearranged.

See the end of the above linked document ("How to deal with old releases")

>> - Wait for the various mirrors to pick up the new files.
>>   For some mirrors, this takes only a few hours. However others are slow.
>>   How long to wait is a tradeoff.
>>   See "Status of mirrors"
>> - Edit the forrest/site-author/content/xdocs/mirrors.ihtml
>      doing what?

Pass (its mirror.html now)

>> - Edit the Forrest home page in the "News and events" section.
>      doing what?

Announcing the new release

>> - Rebuild and publish the Forrest website as normal.
>      doing what?

See /etc/var/publishing_our_site.txt

>>FIXME: There is a bug (FOR-300) in the forrest build which generates
>>to main/site/mirrors.html instead of build/site/mirrors.html
>> - On the server, remove the top-level files and "docs" and "howtwo"
>>   directories using 'svn rm', then checkout the new release docs, e.g.
>>   cd /www
>>   svn co
>      which server, which directory?

cd /www/forrest

>> - Edit xml-site/src/documentation/content/xdocs/news.xml and record the
>>   announcement, and then commit the new HTML to xml-site/targets/forrest
>>   Note that they use forrest-0.6 to build their website.
>      I don't understand this part at all.

My guess is that it refers to

as a forrest committer you have access to their SVN, check it out and 
add an announcement for the new release (you can still see the Forrest 
0.6 announcement on the page

>> - Remove the old dist files from the dist/forrest/ directory.
>>   It has already been archived at
>      where is this dist directory?
>      What does 'It has already been archived at'
>      want to tell me?

See the Upload section above

>> - Tweak the "release" versions via "admin" interface at our Jira.
>    What is the goal, how is it done?

0.7-dev is renamed 0.7 and 0.8 becomes 0.8-dev

I'm not sure who has the karma to do this.

I hope my answers go some way to helping you. I'm sure David will hold 
your/our hands through the process since he has done this before.


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