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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] A CMS for our Docs
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 17:44:22 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Ahh, but that is the "smart" part of my proposal.
> Hey, are you saying there are sometimes not so smart parts in your
> proposals :-)

Well I think my recent fresh-site fix for raw HTML that completely 
removed the current 0.7 behaviour is a pretty good example of a dumb 
idea :-))

>>There is no need to
>>move existing docs if we don't want to. With the locationmap branch we
>>can use content form multiple locations.
> Can somebody put this in plain apprentice English for me pls ...


Imagine a Forrest site that has the following sections:

Developer Documentation
User Documentation
Official Plugins
3rd Party Plugins overview
3rd Party Skins overview

The content for each of these sections may come from (for example)

Dev Docs - existing docs in SVN
User Docs - new docs on the CMS
Official plugins - generated by the plugin system
3rd Party plugins overview - various 3rd party sites
3rd Party Skins overview - various 3rd party sites

In addition we may take the odd page from other sources. For example:

Creating a diff - from the SVN Book
Single Source Publishing - from Wikipedia (ignoring license issues)

etc. etc.

In other words with the locationmap our source documentation is no 
longer limited to being on the local file system, nor is it limited from 
being from a single remote repository. We can go as far as to have every 
page come from a different source.

site.xml looks just the same as normal and is used to define the URI 
space the user sees. A locationmap file is used to tell Forrest where to 
get a source file from. The location of the source file can be changed 
independently of the users urlspace.

If, at a later date we decide to consolidate on the CMS or revert to 
using SVN. No problem, use Forrest to generate the relevant format, 
place them in the CMS/SVN as appropriate and update the locationmap. The 
user URLspace is unchanged, but the source URLspace has changed.

If you want to know more about *how* rather than *what* then checkout 
the locationmap branch, do "forrest seed" and look at the locationmap 


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