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From Shaun Evans <>
Subject Re: preview of new skin
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 22:01:09 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:

> I like it. Actually since we dropped the css support on a contract base
>we need a default.css for the viewHelper.xhtml. That is the only reason
>why I have not deleted the css stuff out of the contracts.
>Something with the above mentioned goals would work great for us right
>now. The scale-dev is very nice but I do not have the time to keep the
>css in sync with the contracts. The goal for a 0.2 version of the plugin
>(I hope to release that before ApacheCon) is not a shiny skin but a
>practical, meeting the above mentioned goals.
>I am +1 to use your skin as dev version for views this will allow to
>concentrate on the contracts and not the css.
>Can we use yours? Then I do not have to worry anymore about tweaking the
>scale-dev and finally got rid of the css-overhead.
>For submitting a skin with view/viewHelper you will need to provide the
>following resources (* - required):
>a)* default.fv 
>b)* default.css
>c) additional-contracts (*.ft)
>Actually I am thinking about changing the 'default' naming to
>{skin-name}.fv/css in the matching code, that will enable different
>skins more easy.
I like it too, and I'm glad to see that there is some progress that is 
visible to end users! I would like to continue to maintain scale-dev but 
I have ran into problems with view/viewHelper, namely the lack of a 
"getting started" guide. I'm sure that will be fixed after 0.7 is out 
and everyone has more time to work on the next-generation features, as 
hopefully somebody will also want to work on documentation. For now, I 
would be very grateful if somebody (Thorsten ;-)) could point me in the 
right direction for getting views working from the HEAD version.

As for the aesthetics, I think that the skin does a good job where it 
is, but I would like to see it have more "features" before it reaches 
the status of default skin, so in other words I would like to make it 
more slick. I particularly like the fact that it renders as intended 
across browsers, which is not something that I could say about the 
original scale-dev!

Thorsten, I would like to continue to work on scale-dev, so if you can 
help me to get off the ground with view/viewHelper I would be more than 
happy to write a css patch and touch up the front end. However, it's 
great to see an alternative view, and it's even better to see it in 
production. Good work!


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