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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: dev environment
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 13:14:41 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
>> Can someone please describe the proper dev environment for Forrest?=20
>> Sorry for such an elementary question but I'm getting past the point
>> where TextPad is useful.  With it seemingly being 80% xml files, 
> There is no *proper* dev environment. It really depends on your personal 
> preferences. The most important thing is to have a good XML editor.
> I like JEdit and Eclipse, with the relevant XML plugins, but others use 
> all sorts of different tools. You may like to look at 
> for some hints as to 
> what people are using and how.
>  > I'm
>  > having a difficult time getting my mind around how to
>  > watch/trace/debug things properly.
> There is no watch/trace/debug type functionlaity (or at least not that I 
> use). Cocoon probably provides some such functionality, but I have never 
> found it necessary, but then I don't often use such devices when 
> programming either, it's just the way I like to work.
> For me find the easiest way to "debug" Forrest is to be aware of all the 
> processing steps between taking in the source and outputting the end 
> result. When you know these you can do 'forrest run' and request the 
> intermediate documents, such as "http://localhost:8888/body-index.xml" 
> which will return the intermediate processing of the body of the document.
> This is a real candidate for a new document. One that would considerably 
> lower the barrier to entry for new devs. For now though, I would suggest 
> that when you get to a point that you have no idea how to move forwards 
> with respect to debugging drop a mail to the list and we'll try and tell 
> you how to do it. Our replies can form the start of a document dealing 
> with this.

Another *very* useful tip is that the log files WEB-INF/logs will often 
provide much more detail when an error occurs.


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