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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Locationmap branch
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 23:42:52 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> There's obviously a good chance I'm doing something wrong but when I
> build a seeded site based on the branch, i get:

There's an equally good chance that in my experiments I have overlooked 
important things, as is the (partly) the case here.

For the part that is not my oversight see my original mail, in 
particular the section marked


which contains the line:

Currently it will only work if you do "forrest run" within the
FORREST_HOME/main/fresh-site directory

(along with an explanation why).

What I mean to say is that:

a) you cannot seed a fresh site, you *have* to run, you must run from 
within FORREST_HOME/main/fresh-site - this is *bad* and is certainly not 
permanent, but as I explain in the original mail I think it requires a 
little work on the java code, which I have not had the time to look at yet.

b) "forrest site" does *not* work. This one should be much easier to 
fix. It is because I have been endlessly interrupted today and so I 
never actually put meaningful links into the demo page (i.e. they don't 
point anywhere).

> In the branched code i don't see the "locationmap" directory either. 
> Can you point me in the right direction as I'd like to try to this
> stuff out.

Doh! This is the part that is my oversight.

I forgot to add the files before committing, I've done that twice 
recently. I'm working too hard perhaps. Anyway I added them now, do an 
'svn up' (beware of those links that go nowhere, perhaps you can fix 
them as you work out how the locationmap works, the place to dix them is 
in locationmap.xml).

> Thanks for all you help

No, thank you for taking enough interest to look at such early stage 
work, it will be a rough ride for us all, but made smoother by more eyes 
on the problem and ideas in the solution.


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