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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Locationmap branch
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 19:16:10 GMT
As requested I have set up a branch with my experiments with the 
locationmap. This branch is *not* to be used for any real work as I have 
done little testing. It is merely for experimentation right now.

However, I do need the locationmap working in order to properly develop 
the Daisy plugin. So things will progress over there.

At present there is a new demo page in fresh-site on that branch (see 
last menu item in samples). This is intended to document the working 
features. Which currently is only the link rewriting.

There is no documentation for the locationmap at present except that 
page and


If you take a look at the changes to forrest.xconf you will see a FIXME 
regarding the location of the locationmap file. I don't know how to 
define it within xconf from a property set in I 
suspect you can't and we will have to change the implementation of the 
org.apache.forrest.locationmap.LocationMapModule to accept it as a 
parameter from the sitemap.

Currently it will only work if you do "forrest run" within the 
FORREST_HOME/main/fresh-site directory

If anyone wants to have a play around with this branch I'll do my best 
to answer questions, but I'm not exactly familiar with it right now.


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