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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Meetup at ApacheCon? --> Room nearby!
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 07:11:39 GMT

David Crossley schrieb:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>I will have a presentation about Forrest in German that
>>day (Tue, 19th July), also at the HfT, also starting at
>>19h. Ferdinand wanted to go there, too. This will last
>>for about 1-1.5 hours. I'll check back about the room
>>(I asked for the conference days 20-22, which was OK by
> I am very sorry Johannes, that completely slipped my mind.
> Is your event open to other other German-speaking people
> or do you want to limit it to your group? I ask because
> we might create an "Events" page at the Forrest website.

It *is* open. It's just an informal meeting of interested
people. German speakers can find more information here
although the July meeting isn't there, yet (And I discovered
that it actually starts at 18:30 ;-)

> Does your meeting usually finish and then people leave?

No. Usually we sit together afterwards to have some beer.

> If so, then perhaps our project workshop could start
> after that. Anyway, we don't want to put any pressure
> on you or your meeting. So that option is removed below.
> On one hand, it would be better for our project workshop
> to be held earlier in the week, preferably before the
> Get Together, so that we have our story straight regarding
> Views and XHTML2 core. (The committers can do some of that
> at the Hackathon during the day on Tuesday.)
> On the other hand, later is better because we can have
> a wider audience and also take into account the use-cases
> expressed at the earlier sessions. Another reason for
> doing it later is that the sessions then progress from
> easier topics to more complex.
> I now think that we should dispense with the option of an
> ApacheCon Birds of a Feather (BoF) session. I was trying
> to ensure that we don't divert attention away from ApacheCon.
> So it seems that we are back to the original plan.
> Here is the current schedule:

If there's agreement on this schedule, I'll check back with
Peter Schaub.

Thanks to David for putting this together so nicely!

> ------------------------------------
> Tuesday 19 July
> Event: Apache Committers Hackathon
> Time: all day
> Location: ApacheCon
> Event: Meeting of usability professionals (Johannes)
          In German: details see below.
> Time: 18:30 until 20:00   !! Time changed
> Location: HfT
> ------------------------------------
> Wednesday 20 July
> Event: ApacheCon Session WE16 (Ross and Ferdinand)
> Time: 14:30 until 15:30
> Location: ApacheCon
> Event: Apache Forrest get together
> Time: 20:00 until whenever
> Location: HfT
> ------------------------------------
> Thursday 21 July
> Event: Apache Forrest project workshop
> Time: 20:00 until whenever
> Location: HfT
> ------------------------------------


Titel:   Technische Dokumentation mit Apache Forrest
   Styleguides und andere Technische Dokumente stellen uns
   vor immer mehr Herausforderungen:
   - Mehrere Personen arbeiten an demselben Dokument:
     Usability-Experten, Designer, technische Autoren,
     Entwickler, ...
   - Die Leser erwarten ein Dokument im Intranet: immer
     aktuell, leicht verfügbar, hübsch "gestyled" und
   - Es ist eine (identische) Druckversion/PDF nötig,
     die in Datenbanken abgelegt wird.

   Mit Apache Forrest ( steht ein freies
   Publikationswerkzeug zur Verfügung, das einen hierbei
   unterstützt. Basierend auf Standards wie XML und HTML,
   kann mit Forrest aus verschiedenen Quelldokumenten (z.B.
   XML, DocBook, OpenOffice) eine einheitliche Ausgabe
   (z.B. in HTML und PDF) erzeugt werden.

   Im Vortrag stelle ich Apache Forrest vor und berichte
   über unsere Erfahrungen beim Schreiben von Styleguides.
   - Was ist Forrest und wie funktioniert es? Vor-/Nachteile.
   - Wie schreibt man die Inhalte?
   - Wie kann ich bestehende Dokumente übernehmen?
   - Wie kann man das Erscheinungsbild dem Kunden anpassen?
   - Wie kann man komplexe Dokumente strukturieren?

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