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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Treatment of non-versioned docs (Re: New documentation structure, next steps)
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 08:56:31 GMT

> - To keep things simple we have started out by making a lot of
>   documentation 'versioned' thus increasing the volume of our
>   site-author-directory quite a bit.

>   In the upcoming weeks I'd like to go through the documentation and
>   move items like the dtd-documentation back into a directory 'docs'
>   since there is no need for versioning these with Forrest releases.
>   This will mean no visible change to the user interface as the
>   documents will still show under versioned docs (because they may or
>   may not be available in one specific version) but it means that
>   both versions will link to the same file.

and this should also be part of this thread

> = We might eventually admit to having some non-versioned Forrest
>     docs and show them as a separate Tab. But I don't like this idea
>     because I prefer to have all documentation items on a version
>     to be in one menu (so that newbies can find and read all docs by
>     going through one menu).
>     A possible solution might be to utilize Davids great new MOTD hack
>     and imprint a different message to docs that reside in the non
>     versioned docs-folder.
>     So a dtd-documentation residing in docs would show in the
>     versioned docs menu but when you open it have a MOTD saying 'This
>     is non-versioned documentation that applies to more than one
>     version of Forrest'.
>     Adding an 'applies to'-information at the top of the document
>     would in my eyes make this complete.

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