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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: zone for testing forrest
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 11:57:28 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> out of curiousity, is there something that explains what a "zone" is
> at a higher level than the "solaris-zones" doc that David pointed to
> above?  Just an explanation of what it's for, is it a testbed? live
> demo site? or what?  What are/will be the benefit to non-committers if
> any?

It is a new server that was donated to ASF.
See at
Basically a zone is a virtual server.

This means that each project can finally run their own dynamic
services. Everything has needed to be static documents in the past.

We are now able to eat our own dogfood. Yes it is a testbed.
Yes it is a live demo site. We also hope to work with Apache Lenya
to integrate our wares. That will need a place to experiment.

Benefit to non-committers? Good question.

The demo site will enable everyone to use Forrest in its dynamic
mode, and hopefully better understand its abilities. We expect
to have various demo sites, which you can run locally so won't
be much benefit there.

We will be able to run continuous testing, as with today's message.
That should help us to have a more reliable SVN trunk, which is a
benefit to everyone.

We should be able to provide statistics about resource usage
to help people estimate their own rerquirements.

It will enable our developer/user community to get more involved
with bug hunting and suggestions for enhancement. Use it live,
report the problems following some SVN change. Enabling the
community to help, should benefit everyone.

I can't think of any more benefits at the moment. We are actually
still in planning mode about what it can be used for. Suggestions
are welcome.


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