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From David Crossley <>
Subject merge the docs-reorg branch (Was: release plan for 0.7)
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 13:15:17 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> As we already knew, one of the difficult parts of this release
> is to get the website docs published properly. We think that we have
> worked out a better solution and are going to develop that in a new branch.

Okay we have worked on this over the last few days, and we reckon that
we have a good solution. The docs-reorg branch is ready to be merged
back to the trunk. We plan to do that tomorrow before the code-freeze.

I have uploaded the docs to my committer space so that you can see
our solution:

If you want to peek at the sources, then see:

Or check out the branch if you would rather "docs_reorg_200506_branch".

This is from the point-of-view of after the 0.7 release.

The main things to note are:

* There is a new tab "Other Versions" which provides access
to 0.6 and 0.8-dev docs. They are not in place yet, but you can
see where they will fit.

* The top-level docs (Welcome and Project tabs) are separated
from the versioned docs.

* Each version has its own directory: docs_0_70, docs_0_80, docs_0_60

* The source documents for all three versions are held in the
"site-author" directory.

* To update the website, it would now be very easy to do a simple
'svn co' on the server. The current workaround is very clumsy, need
to do various spearate checkouts, parts of it come from trunk and
parts from the release branch, very error prone, hard to change over
at each release. This new method will be lots easier.

* Better layout of site.xml enables easy adjustment at the next release.

* How-Tos do not have their own tab, moved to the Docs tab.

* There is a Tools tab for Forrestbot etc. which were previously hidden
under little sub-tabs.

Ferdinand, is there any else important that i have forgotten?


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