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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] IRC vs. Skype
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 04:49:37 GMT
Thanks for raising this issue Thorsten. It definitely is an issue
that needs careful attention and probably more discussion. I also
agree with the subsequent replies. (I don't have much time now,
concentrating on the release.) Don't worry, i am not reacting nor
getting defensive, just responding.

Yesterday was the first time that i ever used Internet telephony.
I installed it explicity so that Ferdinand and i could work quickly
through the detail of the release process. (I do also need it for
the upcoming ApacheCon to phone home.) Don't worry, we know the need
for discussing most things on the list, so as to include the community.

We needed to ensure that we were each comfortable with the process.
You saw the commits to etc/RELEASE_PROCESS.txt file. We did also
have some problem-solving to do. We need to do a branch experiment to
solve the docs layout issue which has been discussed ad infinitum
on the list, and on which i have spent a lot of personal time.

Email would have been too inefficient. Internet telephony was perfect.

Like Gregor, we also used it to talk through the setup of Ferdinand's
ASF committer account. We logged in together and made sure everything
was okay.

So skype certainly has its situations where it is useful. I reckon
that it is not a matter of IRC versus skype, they both have their
benefits when used appropriately.

Now on to the issue of an IRC channel for Forrest. In the recent
dev list discussion, we decided to hold a virtual meeting once
per month on IRC. The details are in the archives.

Here is an idea ...

This would be an appropriate use of IRC solely for that 24-hour
window. We could automatically tell people that it is being
logged when they enter the room. Then we could review the log
during the subsequent weeks, and bring any issues into the light
of the list.

Is it possible to close the channel at other times? In that way,
we don't give the impression that there is an additional communication
medium constantly available. We also don't have stacks of IRC logs
to wade through. If people wanted to informally chat, then they could
use some other channel.

Not sure if that is possible - i am new to IRC and only participated
on the old Cocoon FirstFriday sessions.


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