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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: release plan for 0.7
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 03:46:19 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >Ross Gardler wrote:
> >>David Crossley wrote:
> >>
> >>>During "code freeze" we cannot add any new functionality, just bug
> >>>fixes and documentation tweaks [4].
> >>
> >>Does this also apply to the locationmap branch, that is "branch" in note 
> >>[4] means the release branch and trunk, it has nothing to do with other 
> >>branches.
> >
> >It meant to refer to trunk and release branch. Other branches are
> >free to carry on.
> >
> >However, don't take "code-freeze" too literally. We should define
> >what it means. I reckon that it means no new functionality,
> >because that could introduce new bugs. Doing bug fixing if they
> >are substantial bugs. What else? Does the cleanup of the sitemaps
> >qualify? If done carefully, then probably okay. WDOT?
> I'd prefer to be a little more restrictive than allowing the sitemap 
> restructuring. As I understand it, and would prefer it, even a minor 
> commit will result in us (you?) having to rebuild the release 
> distribution and us retesting.


> In other words. Code-Freeze should mean *no* non-essential commits, 
> which means bug fixes only (which will include corrections to docs). 
> There should be no code enhancements (which means no sitemap refactoring).

Okay, then we are agreed on what code-freeze means.

As you can see, there will probably be docs corrections, so we will
need to do a second release candidate. That is why i planned for it.
If there were no bugfixes, then re-testing is easy - just need someone
to verify the md5 and PGP. But remember that the vote must be against
the final release candidate.

> We can do a 0.7.1 which includes the sitemap refactoring and the cocoon 
> related issues once Cocoon head reaches a stable state again.

Only if we really must. We can still add to the release branch
if people think it necessary. We don't actually need to release it,
unless there is a major problem like there was with 0.5

However i would prefer that we just keep moving along the trunk
and do a 0.8 as soon as possible.


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