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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: sitemap ?issues?.. maybe..
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 05:33:56 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> I apologize up front for being a pest while you guys are prepping for
> the release but...

No worries. Development continues on. You are not being a pest,
far from it. Thanks anyway for being so considerate.

> I started my queries into sitemaps with the cocoon:/ && cocoon://
> protocols but now I'm starting to wonder whether we have other sitemap
> related issues too.  (Not issues in the sense of bugs, but issues in
> the sense of overly verbose code).
> Currently, in most, but not all of the subsitemaps there are duplicate
> transformer, generator, serializer declarations.  Because the parent
> sitemap components are available to the subsitemap components I don't
> get why their sprinkled so liberally across subsitemaps.  I think
> trimming the fat from subsitemaps would at least make the subsitemaps
> more readable.  I don't immediately see as what the performance
> impacts would be because I don't know if component instances are
> created on demand or on startup.  If it's the former, then the cost of
> instance creation vs. the costs of the parent lookup seem like they
> would at least offset one another.
> Anyone know why this is the way it is?  Since the duplication is
> consistent it does make me question whether I've missed something but
> preliminary testing has not uncovered anything -- of course my current
> testing wouldn't uncover any performance issues if that happens to be
> the rationale.   Is this just standard in Cocoon-based apps?

My guess is that it is just that we have not gone back
and cleaned up the sitemaps code. The old issue with
Opensource projects not being good at consolidation.

Thanks for raising this issue. It is important that we do
clean them up, if only to prevent confusion. Whether that
happens before release or not, i don't know. If someone
could do it quickly, then that would be excellent.

Anyway, lets hope that someone else can confirm that.


> I've added some of the basis for my understanding below.
> Thanks,
> --tim
> " Sitemap components (generators, transformers, etc.) in a sitemap are
> accessible from a sub-sitemap by their names. This is due to the fact
> that each sitemap has its own SitemapComponentManager and they are
> arranged in the same hierarchical structure as the sitemaps are and
> thus knows which are their parent SitemapComponentManager and can ask
> it for a SitemapComponent it doesn't know about."
> j.o.a.c.components\CocoonComponentManager.lookup()
> forrest.xmap (among others)
> An example can be seen by ripping out the entire <map:transformers
> section from forrest.xmap. build cleanly; forrest run and all is well.

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