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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: cocoon protocols
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 02:53:40 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> ...
> > > I may very well be getting confused on the terms root and current.
> > > The forrest docs say that " Forrest's sitemap comprises the
> > > $FORREST_HOME/context/*.xmap files."  This leads me to believe that
> > > the terms root and current are conceptual rather than physical which
> > > would mean they are one and the same for the forrest cocoon app and
> > > mounting is just a mechanism to bring the physical maps together?
> > 
> > Firstly that documentation is now misleading because we have plugin
> > sitemaps and project sitemaps as well now. Can you please point us to
> > the file you read that in so we can clarify it.
> Sure, it's  I've
> got a patch for it that adds  {project.sitemap-dir} and the plugins. 
> And while we're on the fixing documentation subject, what's the
> preferred method for receiving them?  Seems kinda heavyweight to open
> an issue for a relatively minor doc change but then I understand
> patches through email is frowned upon.

Jira please. The few active committers are so busy these days that
it is very easy to miss things. Jira doesn't solve that but it does help.

> ...
> > It may help you top read
> >
> > Although this how-to is not about what you want to do it does have a
> > very clear description of the logic in sitemap processing.
> It is most unfortunate that such a good discussion of the pipeline
> process is hidden under that title.  It even says the intended
> audience is "everybody who wants to learn more about Forrest's
> pipelines in general."   I *highly* recommend changing this title to
> something more generic and even consider putting in the main docs. 
> Something like "Forrest Pipelines by Example" should get folks
> attention.  This short little doc could have literally shaved days off
> my learning curve.

We should add a note the the FAQs to direct people to it.


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