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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Handling raw HTML
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 03:17:37 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> >I would like to suggest yet another alternative for 0.7 for the issue of 
> >raw HTML. This would be one in the form of a FAQ, a link to the FAQ from 
> >the upgrade doc and a demo in fresh-site - in other words there is no 
> >complex implementation to hold 0.7 up further.
> >
> >The FAQ would give the following sitemap match which should be placed in 
> >the project sitemap in order to duplicate the 0.6 behaviour.
> >
> ><map:match pattern="**.html">
> >  <map:select type="exists">
> >    <map:when test="{project:content}{0}">
> >      <map:read src="{project:content}/{0}" mime-type="text/html"/>
> >      <!--
> >        Use this instead if you want JTidy to clean up your HTML
> >        <map:generate type="html" src="{project:content}/{0}" />
> >        <map:serialize type="html"/>
> >      -->
> >    </map:when>
> >  </map:select>
> ></map:match>
> ...
> >I'm going to implement this unless someone spots a fatal flaw in my plan 
> >(lazy consensus is in operation)
> I know I have only let a day go by, but I am truly convinced this is the 
> best solution for 0.7 so I've gone ahead an implemented it. If anyone 
> does object or find a problem I will take the responsibility to revert 
> the changes.
> In the meantime I would appreciate it if some could test I have 
> correctly emulated the 0.6 behaviour and see if the docs in fresh-site 
> are clear. I still have to do the FAQ and the update document.

It seems to work as described.

However there is a huge problem. The fix should remain as an FAQ only.
Because you have added the match to the default sitemap for a fresh-site,
then everyone who generates a 'forrest seed site' will have this workaround
for 0.6 behaviour, rather than the new 0.7 behaviour. In fact, this has
also broken the demonstrations of the 0.7 behaviour e.g. the "Emembedded HTML"


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