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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: [RT] Why using views - in comparison with "old fashion" skins - usecase i18n.
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 04:03:49 GMT
> Yes that would be great. :) That could be the 'last-published-net'
> contract.

Its funny, I chose the *exact* same name even before I wrote my first mail :)

Anyways, I'm attaching last-published-net.ft. It uses an improved
version of the XSL date service (no Perl script!). In addition, if a
network connection is not available, one can use a similar solution on
the localhost -- I have written a simple Python script to generate the
required XML, so just replace the URL in the document function call
with the path to

I had a related question: it seems wasteful to generate the timestamp
again and again for each processed file. Since the build happens
within a few minutes at most, I'm content with recording the time at
the start of the build and then using that throughout. This will save
a lot of CPU cycles. I'm not an expert at XSL so I'm still looking as
to what is the best way to define such a "global timestamp variable".

Diwaker Gupta

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