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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: [RT] Why using views - in comparison with "old fashion" skins - usecase i18n.
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 02:04:02 GMT
On 6/4/05, Thorsten Scherler <> wrote:
> I had to extend the default.fv with a new line:
> <forrest:contract name="last-published"/>
> to activate the new contract in any place of the output that I want. As
> well it is possible to place the contract as much as I want.
> Refactoring site2xhtml.xsl has similarities of generating contracts for
> the view plugin. The biggest different is that we extract the code
> snippet in another file and not the site2xhtml.xsl and winning the
> flexibility of placing it where we want.
> That prevent as well the situation where you have to "rip parts out of
> the skin" if you do not want them. In views you just do not use the
> contract and it will not be outputed.


This looks great! On a related note, is anyone working on a "Credits" nugget?

A long time back I had complained about the use of Javascript for
generating the last published timestamp, and till date there is no
neat solution for doing this from within XSLT. Javascript is great (as
Google has aptly demonstrated), but for my static pages generated from
Forrest, I would like the timestamp to be visible even in text
browsers like elinks. Today as I was again browsing to find a
solution, I came across this:

It seems to me like a reasonably good solution (atleast in the short
term). I have modified my local copy of the last-published contract to
use this. If there's interest, I can submit a patch.


Diwaker Gupta

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