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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: required Java version (Was: Questions about the release instructions)
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 18:04:45 GMT

Sorry, I completely missed that response in the flurry of postings.

David Crossley wrote:

> I have similar concerns. Using 1.4.0 sounds very risky.

> However we could not expect everyone to use the most recent 1.4.x
> So would a compromise of 1.4.1 be the most sensible?

I disagree. For several reasons:

1. If we test against anything other than the most recent fix version
   of Java we might have to develop fixes for problems that have
   already been solved by the Java folks.
   To me that sounds like a waste of our resources. And even though we
   don't get paid, I still value these resources higher than the time
   people have to spend on downloading and installing the latest fix
   (which they really only have to if and only _if_ there is indeed a
   rare problem).

2. Installing the latest Java fix might solve
   problems with other Java software and close up some security holes, so
   people would benefit in more than one respect.

3. Using the latest fix is usually the common denominator for all
   software using common layers like Java. Unless - like with Lotus Notes
   at some point - the latest version is known to have introduced some
   big problem. But if that is the case, you really have a mess

So short of knowing that the latest fix has such a big problem, I'd
suggest to test against that unless somebody comes up with more good
reasons why not to.

But if there is no majority for that, I'd always take the best that is
latest fix we can agree on.

Ferdinand Soethe

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