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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Meetup at ApacheCon? --> Schedule
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 16:34:32 GMT

David Crossley wrote:

>> Have we decided on the schedule, then? (Copy below)
>> Is there a place to reference with the schedule?

> Not yet sorry, I was just about to set up the web page
> late last week. Then people floated the idea about
> changing the schedule again, so i left it. There was
> no more discussion, so i don't know what the status is.

Well, the situation is as follows:

If we stick to the original plan and have the view workshop on
Thursday Nicola Ken won't be able to attend. And even though he was a
bit late in informing us about this, I figured that a lot of people
would like to have him attend that workshop.

The suggested alternative to talk about views 'a bit' at the hackathon
and have the workshop on Thursday did not seem like a good solution to
me because it would split discussions and create a lot of redundancies
if some people attended the Hackathon and others came to the
workshopon Thursday.

So I suggested to move the views workshop forward to Monday night
because there would not competing events and asked people to comment
on their ability to attend and the usefulness of it all.

AFAIK the only one who did was Ross saying that he didn't like the
idea for personal reasons but would be there if there is a majority
for it.


OK, this all being explained, I now propose to move the views workshop
to Monday night for four reasons:

1. Nicola Ken will be able to attend
2. Nobody else came forward that would not be able to attend
3. Having the views workshop before the Hackathon will allow us to
   understand, discuss and work on the views issue on Monday and
   perhaps follow this up with some coding and documentation during
   the Hackathon.
4. There were no alternatives proposed to avoid the splitup between
   Thursdays Workshop and the Hackathon.

If nobody objects until tomorrow this will be our new schedule!

If somebody does, pls clearly state your if

        - you like to stick to the agreed upon schedule
        - propose something else that can work within the
          constraints mentioned in the discussion before.

Ferdinand Soethe

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