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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: merge the docs-reorg branch (Was: release plan for 0.7)
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 14:27:39 GMT
Thanks David!
Looks like a pretty comprehensive roundup to me.

Important perhaps to clarify our goals:

- Simplify maintenance and updates
- Simplify the structure for users
- Create the ability to keep as many old releases online w/o extra
  efforts just as well as retire the easily if we want to.

> The main things to note are:

> * There is a new tab "Other Versions" which provides access
> to 0.6 and 0.8-dev docs. They are not in place yet, but you can
> see where they will fit.

Each version here has all the documents the where previously found in
the Docs-Tab in exactly the same menu structure. The integrity of
links is preserved so that references in versioned docs will take you
to the document within the same version.

> * The top-level docs (Welcome and Project tabs) are separated
> from the versioned docs.

Tools is also non-versioned, Plugins has it own versioning scheme (see
my discussion with Ross on this)

> * Each version has its own directory: docs_0_70, docs_0_80, docs_0_60

containing only the versioned documents (formerly docs and

> * The source documents for all three versions are held in the
> "site-author" directory.

> * To update the website, it would now be very easy to do a simple
> 'svn co' on the server. The current workaround is very clumsy, need
> to do various spearate checkouts, parts of it come from trunk and
> parts from the release branch, very error prone, hard to change over
> at each release. This new method will be lots easier.

> * Better layout of site.xml enables easy adjustment at the next release.

> * How-Tos do not have their own tab, moved to the Docs tab.

So now all versioned documentation is under one roof and in one menu.

Ferdinand Soethe

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