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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Merging views with trunk
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 14:50:26 GMT
Hello devs

I am away from home and just had a glance over the latest discussion
about the merge. Instead of answering all the threads I just want to
state what I am thinking about merging views.

1) Views are and will be in the whiteboard! That means we can merge them
without a problem into what so ever. It is pure dev stuff. It is working
fine but I still thing it needs more testing and design refactoring.
Some contracts *can be* broken but I am ATM not aware of any and anyway
for that reason they are in the whiteboard.

2) In the locationmap branch is just one contract based on the lm. That
means this contract will not work right now in trunk, but that is not a
problem IMO because the lm stuff will be merged pretty fast. 

3) That I activated the views as default in the fresh-site can be easily
reverted. That are basically two props that needs to be changed
( That means we do not have to merge this changes
into trunk.

4) I am -1 on releasing the view plugins from whiteboard, IMO that
should *never* happen (with *one* exception). We talked about
incorporating views into core. That means we will end up (following Ross
idea) with one view helper plugin which then should go into the released

Now to the road-map I see for views and the lm-branch:
1) Fix all issues with the lm in the lm-branch (there are just minor
ones that I am aware of)
2) merge all lm related stuff with trunk (branch->trunk)
3) merge all view changes into whiteboard trunk (branch->trunk) That
step is and should be independent from step 2, it is only after this
step because we now have 1 contract that is based on the lm stuff.
4) *Stop* and freeze developing the view plugins in trunk!!!
5) Open view-branch and start to integrate views into the core

I agree with Nicolas earlier post stating that best practice should be
for development of new apps to base them on trunk. In lenya we have a
release cycle from around 1-2 month for the 1.2.x branch. That is really
nice because e.g. the app I develop right now for a customer is based on
1.2.x and in production I will base it on the latest stable version. :)

Anyway the views stuff cannot be developed in the trunk because it will
break the skins stuff and other mechanism that I am not aware of. We
need a new branch (or just re-use the locationmap branch) to make
experiments with views in the core. I do not recommend to try it in the
trunk. I created views as a couple of plugins to overcome the problem
but now it is going to the core which changes the story. 


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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