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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Locationmaps and Lenya integration
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 23:51:40 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> I'm going to come back to this after we have submitted the Apachecon 
> presentation. I'd like to see how Thorstens work integrates with 
> locationmap as that is the next thing I need in Forrest. It makes using 
> things like Daisy or Lenya far easier and may be the ideal place for 
> view configurations like this one. I'll catch up with Thorstens recent 
> RT's and try and bring the locationmap idea into them.

hmm, can you explain this a bit more? i haven't followed the list very 
closely and would appreciate a quick summary as to how this could 
improve said integration?

forgive me my ignorance, but when i see things like

<forrest:views xmlns:forrest=""
<logic:filter value="dirCut" parameter="p">
     <forrest:view format="inx" />
<logic:filter value="actorCut" parameter="p">
     <forrest:view format="inx" />

i am wondering if forrest is moving into a direction of 'programming in 
xml'. is this the case? is there a document / discussion / wiki page 
somewhere that explains the goals behind this?



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