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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: New Plugin: Filtering output
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 05:43:08 GMT

Two quick responses since I'm still working on the apachecon

- I'm happy for this to be a part of views and I hope after apachecon
  I'll know how to use them for this purpose.

- I agree that the filter could and perhaps should be configured as
  part of the configuration.

> ...and content writer != admin (site.xml)

- I do not agree that editing site.xml is admin work as Thorsten
  seems to suggest since it is the only way a user can make Forrest
  show his page.

- And since I (with the content writer hat) usually make the decisions about
  which file to show in which menu and what filter should be applied
  to it (e.g. show the directors version of Shakespeare in my 'Directors
  resources' menu while the full version is in the 'Popular
  Dramas') I (user) need a way simply apply a filter to a given

  To determine which filters to apply to which resources (by the list of
  patterns in the plugin config that Ross suggested) does not seem an
  ideal solution to me as it requires an understanding of patterns
  that users don't usually have and also makes it much harder to see
  what will actually the outcome of a certain site.xml (because you
  have to also look at the filter patterns in the plugin (and apply
  that knowledge to site) to know what will actually show.

  Very difficult and not easy to maintain.

I understand the objective not to extend site-grammar for every new
plugin (and share it), but I'd raise the question if it wouldn't be a
good idea to consider it at least for some basic operations like
filtering, pdf-aggregation and ...

And if that is not agreeable, to find some other way of keeping the
selection of a given filter closely with the site-element.

Ferdinand Soethe

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