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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject To change or not to changing threads ( Re: Comment on index.html (Re: Where to change comments to configuration files))
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 07:22:58 GMT

In 'Re: Comment on index.html (Re: Where to change comments to
configuration files)'
Ross Gardler wrote:

FS> Sorry, I shouldn't respond to messages one by one. That way I missed
FS> your solution in 'Re: Inkonsistency in implementation of default file
FS> and site.xml and what to do about it' when I wrote my reply.

RG> One of the reasons for keeping everything in one thread. This particular
RG> issue spanned three different threads because of subject changes. It's
RG> sometimes very difficult to know when to change the subject. I always
RG> try not too unless I have totally changed the direction the thread is
RG> taking.

I've started to move discussions to a new thread as soon as the topic
changes significantly. The main reason being that in searching the
archives I have often come across loooong threads that touched the
subject I was looking for once and then discussed something else for
the next 100 messages. And since you can't be sure you have to read
carefully through all of them.

I also like the fact that I can clearly see that a threat is moving on
to something else (perhaps something I'm not interested in) so that I
don't need to follow this new thread.

At least that's the theorie.

My problem is not different threads but the temptation of sending instant
replies. I just needed to take the time, read all new stuff and then
respond to avoid this.

Ferdinand Soethe

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