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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: zone for testing forrest
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 07:10:46 GMT
On Vie, 27 de Mayo de 2005, 1:03, David Crossley dijo:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>> > We have now been allocated a zone on the new server.
>> > So we need to define our goals and then start setting up
>> > some demo servers. We should get out of this RT thread
>> > and start planning. But lets concentrate on the 0.7
>> > release first.
>> What do people think about setting up our zone now?
>> It would actually be a good way to test our upcoming release.
>> I can create an account for any forrest committers.
> Okay, accounts are set up for antonio, rgardler, cheche.


> So you need to scp your key to
> Then you can ssh in, change your password, and configure
> your account. Any difficulties, then ask on our "dev" list.

> This page will help:

I saw the link, perhaps we can setup the default profile for all the users
as stated in the link:

PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sfw/bin:/usr/sfw/sbin:/opt/sfw/bin: \
/opt/sfw/sbin:/opt/SUNWspro/bin:/usr/X/bin:/usr/ucb: \

Also, will be fine to set bash as the default shell for all the users too.
People using linux will love that. ;-)


> So what services do we want to establish?

Perhaps a distribution of plugins? Is posible to distribute there some
skins? I still remember our idea that was reject by sourceforge.

Also, I noted we are running in the zone java 1.5_01, perhaps we should
move to 1.5_03? ;-)

> We would need either Tomcat or Jira so that we can test
> our webapp in a servlet container. We also would run the
> forrestbot webapp interface there, probably building the
> "seed site" and maybe our trunk website.
> We already have an Apache HTTP Server 2.0 on port 80.
> I suppose that we would use ProxyPass etc. to hide the
> servlet container.
> How do we make people aware that this is not our production
> website? I have already added a robots.txt to keep the
> honourable ones out.

Perhaps as brutus does. A home page stating: "Beaware: This is only a demo
site". Or something like that.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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