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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Meetup at ApacheCon? --> Room nearby!
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 10:59:29 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>Good news: we can have a room at the FHT for the
>>evenings, thanks to Prof. Hauber.
> Hey this is great news. Thanks to Johannes and Peter for solving this
> problem for us.
>>We'll need to decide when we'll meet.
> OK, I suggest to have
> - the general Forrest Meetup on Wednesday evening
>   (the day of our Forrest presentation) so that people can come and
>   ask more questions ...
> - the views-workshop on Thursday so that people won't have to hang
>   around for all three days of the conference.
> With Johannes' mail saying "evenings" (plural) I'd gratefully take the
> offered room for both evenings to not exclude people. If that is not
> stretching Peter's hospitality too far?
> Would 19:00 hrs be good time to start?
> I'm off-line till Wednesday. Since some people need to arrange for
> their travel we should decide soon. So how about taking the time to
> comment until Wednesday so we can finalize the arrangements this week?

I like your proposal, if it needs to change to accommodate other people 
that is fine by me. I will be in Germany for about a week in total. Most 
of it I will not be in Stuttgart however, I will ensure I am present 
when there is anything "Forrest" going on.

> (Below I'll include the agenda for both meetings from previous mail.)
> --
> Ferdinand Soethe
> We General Exchange on Forrest
>    an opportunity for Forrest users and developers to meet and have an
>    open exchange about Forrest. If we have enough people committed to
>    participating, we could/should we announce this meeting in our
>    Forrest session for interested people to join us.

It is possible that we will not have many non-Forrest people taking this 
up. If this is the case I would like to use this time to do some forward 
planning and bug fixing. Will there be net access in this room?

I see this as being compatible with an "open exchange" with potential 
users and devs as we can ask what peoples use cases are and discuss 
whether Forrest should/would be considered for that use case. In cases 
where Forrest seems appropriate we can look at what changes need to be made.

> Th Workshop Forrest Views
>    with Thorsten explaining the concept and practical details of his
>    Forrest-Views and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
>    My hope is that I will have a chance to understand Views after that
>    which means that we will address people with a limited
>    understanding of Forrest and Plug-ins.
>    Duration: ~ 2 hrs?

I propose no changes at all to this part of the agenda. Views is key to 
the next release of Forrest and will, I think, finally see us moving to 
a subset of XHTML2 as the internal. This should be a purely design 
focused meeting.


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