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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Locationmaps and Lenya integration
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 00:47:39 GMT
Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> I'm going to come back to this after we have submitted the Apachecon 
>> presentation. I'd like to see how Thorstens work integrates with 
>> locationmap as that is the next thing I need in Forrest. It makes 
>> using things like Daisy or Lenya far easier and may be the ideal place 
>> for view configurations like this one. I'll catch up with Thorstens 
>> recent RT's and try and bring the locationmap idea into them.
> hmm, can you explain this a bit more? i haven't followed the list very 
> closely and would appreciate a quick summary as to how this could 
> improve said integration?

Wow, that is good timing. I was working on that (locationmaps) for the 
first time for months this morning.

Locationmaps are configuration files that separate the physical location 
of files from the URL space in use. In other words they are a way of 

to something like:


or whatever repository we wish to use.

They are nothing more than a config file.

> forgive me my ignorance, but when i see things like
> <forrest:views xmlns:forrest=""
>     xmlns:logic="">
> <logic:filter value="dirCut" parameter="p">
>     <forrest:view format="inx" />
> </logic:filter>
> <logic:filter value="actorCut" parameter="p">
>     <forrest:view format="inx" />
> </logic:filter>
> i am wondering if forrest is moving into a direction of 'programming in 
> xml'. is this the case? 

Thorsten will have to argue the case on this one as right now views are 
are one man band and the rest of us have not yet got our heads around 
them. Many of the Forrest devs will be at ApacheCon and we will be 
having a major session on trying to understand what Thorsten is trying 
to do, why and what its implications are.

 > is there a document / discussion / wiki page
 > somewhere that explains the goals behind this?

Search the archives for RT's by Thorsten, there are quite a few.


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