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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Splitting build and output directories (was Re: [Proposal] Forrest Terminology)
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 12:14:35 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> [OT: we've started getting duplicates of your mais]
>>  >> Doesn't webapp contain logfiles that you want to look at?
>>> Yes it does. It'll be difficult for us to find the right dividing line.
>>> The way I was thinking was that if a document is generated for use 
>>> outside the Forrest environment then it should go into this "output"
>>> directory you are proposing (i.e. static pages and war file). This will
>>> mean there is only one directory to copy, no need to "learn" which one.
>> I see a problem there because you'd mix log files from dynamic serving
>> with static output. But we could have the log files remain in the
>> serverspace and perhaps later on find a cocoon way of serving them as
>> part of the active site.
> Exactly, that is my point. I do not believe the log files should be 
> moved out of the build directory.

Sorry I just reread your point (must have a residual effect from last 
nights whiskey), let me respond again:

The issue of mixing dynamic content with static content is my point. I 
do not believe we should move the log files out of the build directory.

With resepct to your second point, having forrest serve them as a part 
of the site is possible, but it only makes sense in a dynamically 
generated site. Again this would indicate it should be in the build 

(incidentally, the log plugin in whiteboard could be used to provide a 
pretty version of the logs in a dynamically hosted site)


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