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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Forrest Terminology
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 09:26:22 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> RG> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>>>So how about renaming the command line options as follows
>>>(alternatives in order of decreasing preference)
>>>        rename          to be
>>>        forrest site => forrest mksite
>>>                        forrest static
>>>                        forrest makestatic
> RG> It's worth reminding ourselves of why Ferdinand feels this renaming is
> RG> important. He points out that some users are using Forrest to generate
> RG> stuff other than web sites, so "site" can be misleading. This is true
> RG> for much of my own work where I am building Learning Objects.
> That's true (even though I didn't say that :-)). My reason is to
> clarify what these command will actually do, avoid overlapping meanings
> with building and compiling the forrest program itself or generic
> terms like run.

Oooops, sorry I was obviously in my own little world last night.

> RG> -1 on serve (serve is an adjective)
> It is a verb isn't it? What's wrong about using a verb to
> start an ongoing process. 'Run' is a verb too isn't it?

Errr.. yes, it is a verb... nothing wrong with a verb, errr... it was 
late... errr... I'd had a very large Whiskey.... errrr... I was looking 
for a reason I didn't like it, errrr.... I'd also invented my own 
language to go into my own little world.


(I still don't like it though, not sure why, it just doesn't "feel" right)

> RG> I am happy with "run", nevertheless, since I am mostly against
> run is my worst nightmare because it creates the fatal double meaning
> 'run forrest' / 'forrest run' (see my original posting)

OK, I'm not objecting to a change, just stating I've grown comfortable 
with it. I do aknowledge your point and will not stand in your way.

> RG> forrest servlet
> Fine by me. Although many non-technical users probably don't know what
> a 'servlet' is. But certainly better than 'run'

Just a suggestion since I was negative about your own suggestions. Call 
it brainstorming to keep us moving.

> RG> I'm +1 one on splitting the stuff generated by building the Forrest
> RG> application and the stuff generated by "forrest site" (or whatever it
> RG> may become).
> OK, I wasn't sure if tmp and webapp are used by the servlet
> exclusively. Is so, sure leavem them in one dir and call it something
> other than 'build'

I'll respond to this in a different thread.


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