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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [RT] Serving Apache Forrest site from live Forrest
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 11:45:09 GMT
Torsten Schlabach wrote:
>>>ATM I am only concerned about making Forrest
>>>genuinely useful as a live server, which IMO is a blocker for any
>>>serious request to infra.
> Are you saying Forrest is not up to performing as a serious live server
> right now? If I understood that right, why would that be the case?

I don't think that is the point, rather there is no proven case of
Forrest being used as a live server. That is we cannot currently answer
questions such as:

- Can Forrest be safely left running on a server without consuming all
- What is the minimum recomended specification for a Forrest server?
- can a Forrest site, hosted live on ABC server, handle a load of x page
requests in a minute?

and so on.

No admin will entrust their critical services to a server that cannot
provide these answers. They need to see it proven in a test environment

I agree with David that we should use the forthcoming zones to do these
experiments. David, will we be able to do load testing in this zone?

Another problem I see with live hosting is that all the error reporting
that Forrest does is done when we build the site. That is, documents are
not validated before a Forrest run and we don't check for broken links.

For the live hosting environment I would like to see these checks being
run on a periodic basis and reports being generated for the admin.
Perhaps this could be a part of the fallover recovery. For example, we
could build a static version of the site every X hours and deploy this
(using Forrestbot) to a static server which will be used should the live
one fail.


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