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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: New Plugin: Filtering output
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 07:08:08 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Working on our presentation for ApacheCon, Ross and I have the problem
> that the presentation contains a lot of internal info and also some
> that should only be part of someversions (speaker version, slide
> version, printed notes).
> They are marked up with class attributes, so filtering is possible,
> the question is where.
> And since filtering might vary on a per document basis, I was
> wondering whether we could have a filtering plugin that can be applied
> before any other output plugin and apply the filtering needed.
> Ideally the criteria would be defined in the site element.
> So instead of my current version (that opens the presentation as a
> normal Forrest document as well as an s5-slideshow)
> <apachecon label="ApacheCon">
>     <slides label="slides" href="s5slides/ssp_with_forrest.html"/>
>     <slides label="document" href="ssp_with_forrest.html"/>  
>   </apachecon>
> I could then have
> <apachecon label="ApacheCon">
>     <slides label="Slides" href="s5slides/ssp_with_forrest.html"
>     filter="cleanSlides.xsl"/>
>     <slides label="Slides" href="s5slides/ssp_with_forrest.html"
>     filter="speakerSlides.xsl"/>
>     <slides label="document" href="ssp_with_forrest.html"
>     filter="printedVersion.xsl"/>
> </apachecon>

I asked this question before, but there was a flurry of activity
at the time and i don't think that there was a reply.

I don't understand how those site entries would get used
for linking. They are all the same.
<a href="site:apachecon/slides">clean</a>
<a href="site:apachecon/slides">speaker</a>
<a href="site:apachecon/slides">print</a>


> where the xsl-files contain the desired filter.
> Am I thinking along the right track here or are there better ways to
> do this.
> I first wanted to create this as output plugin, but since all there is
> is custom xsl which can be different for each file, I didn't think
> this would made a lot of sense.
> --
> Ferdinand Soethe

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