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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Self-organized meet-ups / workshops at Apache Con 2005
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 07:47:31 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Has anyone asked for a Birds-of-a-Feather session?
> > I am not sure if non-registrants are allowed there, but maybe.
> > Whatever, it would be a good chance for an extra meeting.
> I'm not familiar with them. What are they for ...

A place for people to gather and talk to each other
about the topic of the session, in this case Apache Forrest.

I think that it comes from the saying:
"Birds of a feather flock together".
Birds that have the same type of feathers, i.e. the same
interests, would gather and hang out with each other.

Almost all tech conferences have these sessions.
Usually there is no schedule, just a place to chat
with each other.

Anyway, see:

> ...and who would you ask
> about having one and inviting non-registrants.

Keep these two issues separate. You want the session
anyway. If you can get non-registrants there, then that
is a bonus.

I don't know who to ask about either question.
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