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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Daisy plugin
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 08:45:09 GMT
On 26 Apr 2005, at 23:29, Ross Gardler wrote:

> The big advantage of Daisy over other CMS systems is that it 
> compeltely separates the front end from the repository. The access 
> control is done in the repository. However at present, for simplicity, 
> the plugin uses the daisy-wiki interface to retrieve pages.
> A future version will add the ability to connect directly to the 
> reposiitory via one of the API's (choose from Java, HTTP or 
> Javascript). This will give us much more flexability with respect to 
> the handling of access control and the structure of the documents.

Make sure to take a look at, 
especially the /publisher/documentPage method. With a request parameter 
includeNavigation=true|false, you can decide to include the navigation 
tree (or not).

Authentication on the HTTP/XML back-end is required and should be done 
using BASIC authentication - which is rather trivial using httpclient, 
but I'm not sure how that could be achieved easily from a plain Cocoon 
pipeline (which is what the current plugin does IIUC).

The easiest way to connect to the repo from a Java environment is the 
Java API, of course, which is trivial to wrap in a flow script.

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