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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Splitting build and output directories (was Re: [Proposal] Forrest Terminology)
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 13:42:52 GMT

> Where is this "resources"?

The sugessted myproject/resources branch could have a plugin-dir

> What is the "serverspace"? There are three distinct options in running a
> server:

> 1 - host the static site in a web server (no plugins required)
> 2 - host dynamically in a forrest server (plugins are in the Forrest webapp)
> 3 - host dynamically in some other servlet container (plugins are a part
> of the war)

I guess I don't understand Forrest enough to follow you into this
discussion. So unless I will understand this later on, I'm fine with
keeping the webapp as a directory and the place for plugIns. But I'd
still vote for renaming the build-dir.

>>>By the time we have moved webapp and the plugin stuff there isn't
>>>really much left in build. Which then begs the question do we need it?

>> Right. I do want to get rid of it because of the naming overlap wih
>> building the programm.

> I'm not convinced. The files that are built with forrest are required by
> a dynamically served site. Therefore there is no distinction between the
> forrest appication and a site hosted in the forrest appication.

Ah, I'm beginning to understand. But the why are they not part of the
forrest programm tree? Why have them in the project tree at all?

> There is a danger of confusing things by creating too many places a file
> may logically be located.

So anyway. If that is required for some reason that 'build' is
appropriate naming I guess. In that case we should just take site out
of there?

Ferdinand Soethe

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