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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: Who uses Forrest? (was Re: [RT] Directory structure and configuration)
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 18:45:36 GMT
Ross wrote

>> I will make this point one last time and then keep quiet about it.
> I'd rather you didn't keep quiet. Your opinion is critical in this.

OK, since you asked for it :-)

1. End users

I agree that there are limits in what we can do to make
end users understand Forrest.

Pls. note however that Forrest is close enough to a system that can
be used out of the box and it will attract end users. And searching
the German web for Forrest sites I found a number of sites that were
certainly not build by Cocoonies.

So why not make it easier for these people (and win broader support) as
long as it doesn't mean making compromises on quality.

2. Technical users

I question the fact that Forrest is currently easy
to understand for technical users. I think it is only easy to
understand for people with a cocoon background!

But I'm convinced that the majority of people that could/will use
Forrest in the future will NOT have that background. In fact many
won't even have the unix/linux or java/web applications-background
that helps understand many terms.

3. GUI

You know that I like to have a GUI for Forrest because I would make it
much easier to convince people in the beginning.

However I would really like working towards making Forrest a system
where non-technical power users have a chance to throw away their
gui-crutches at some point and work with the whole flexibility of
Forrest below.

Which is a good reason to have a GUI AND make the system easier to

don't you think.



All this does not mean that all the changes I suggested serve that
goal. That I'm happy to discuss and question any time.

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