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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: [RT] Serving Apache Forrest site from live Forrest
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 06:32:39 GMT

I think it would be very useful to do the tests you suggested to get
some first hand figures on performance and stability and learn more
about the practical details of running it.

Most of all because I expect all the happy Forrest clients (that are
using static Forrests now?!) to ask for the dynamic functions we
mention in our presentations.

But also because the growing number of database sources used will make
it less and less popular to generate content locally (thus multiplying
the volume) then transfer it to the server. Or worse, pull the db-data off
a server for processing, then transfer it back.

Not sure if the infrastructure is in place, but perhaps we could run
our own site from such a server with a static version kept as a backup
that automatically kicks in?

Once these are available, how about approaching

NKB> After that, it would be beneficial to be able to serve multiple sites on
NKB> a single Forrest instance, so that we can have other projects join and
NKB> have their site served.

Yes, I'd really like that for local work as well. Right now I have at
least 10 different Forrest and often need more then one at the same

How about using a virtual path concept (Forrest 1 can be reached as
myserver/TestForrest, Forrest2 as myserver/DokuForrest). That would
also help in tying different Forrest sites together under one common
roof? Especially if the static generation supported that as well.

Ferdinand Soethe

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