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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: describe Forrest in 50 words
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 06:58:21 GMT

David Crossley wrote:

DC> I think that it confuses people. Forrest can have multiple
DC> source input formats, so this description conflicts with that.

I changed that back an forth a couple of times and finally took
'formats' out. Not just because the repetition sounds bad, but mostly
because to me 'input formats' suggests file of different formats
(whereas I wanted to broaden the meaning to all input including
databases, streams etc.)

DC> I had never heard of the term, so i had to Google.
DC> The results did not help to allay my concern.

Yes, this may be an important issue since we also address a lot of
programmers looking for documentation. How about spending an extra
word on

'Apache Forrest is a standards-based framework for documentation and
Single Source Publishing'

DC> This term "unified output" has lost the intention
DC> of what Ross suggested earlier in this thread.
DC> So if we are not using the original meaning then
DC> i think that we should dump it.

I wouldn't drop it because I consider the unifying function is one of
the most important features for both documentation and SSP. I figured
I could cut it short because this won't be self-explanatory for people anyway.

Looking up the original text

RG> "Thus Forrest can present a unified document structure and design at the
RG>   output stage regardless of the chosen input formats."

Not sure the meaning gets lost, but we can always write something like

'Apache Forrest is a standards-based framework for documentation and
Single Source Publishing, transforming different input to a unified
document structure and design at the output stage'

DC> Do we really need to mention a limited list of output formats?

I definitely would because these are the foundation for most
publishing tasks. So here extensibility is nice, but the fact that we
do HTML and PDF out of the box will be more important for perhaps 90%
of the users. Or am I missing something?

Ferdinand Soethe

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