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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Some ideas FYI
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:22:44 GMT

    I published my site yesterday.
    I use my own skin - which inherits from the pelt skin - to add some 
features :

    * The notes are taken from the deprecated Krisalys skin because I
    * The source tag appear in XHTML in a Gnome terminal look&feel
          o I added two attributes to the tag to be able to :
                + Give the terminal a title,
                + Display different Prompts - One for DOS code samples,
                  one for UNIX common user and one for Root Unix user.
          o If no title is given, the tag is generated as in the pelt
            skin - preformated code with grey background...
    * I generate - in the header of each page - the following links :

        <link rel="next" href="..." />
        <link rel="previous" href="..." />
        <link rel="last" href="..." />
        <link rel="first" href="..." />

          o in order to easily navigate for those who use a browser
            which manages a navigation bar (cf.
          o (I did not send a patch for this issue because I want to add
            rel="content" which may point on linkmap ?)
    * At last, I add a context attribute to Release/actions/action in
      order to emphasize the context of the new features.
          o My idea is to homogeneise the actions managed by the changes
            and the todo list because I think it's the same, but the
            ones in the past and the seconds in the future...

You can see samples of all this at
(It's in french, I am sorry...)



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