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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: describe Forrest in 50 words
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 08:27:40 GMT
Now that David gave the last version,
I'll try to comment ... also dared a look
into the archive.

Apache Forrest is a publishing framework that accepts
various input sources and transforms them into a unified
document collection strictly separating content and
It is standards-based, employing Apache Cocoon and
a plugin architecture which makes it modular and
Forrest can be used as a dynamic application,
to generate a static result or completely automated.

* Easier wording. For me as a non-native speaker the prev.
   versions were harder to understand. Shorter sentences.
   (Please correct any errors in my English!)
* Put the main thing up-front: what forrest does. Then
   something about the architecture, then the options.
* I'm not very happy with the last sentence.
* For discussion: "publishing" instead of "documentation"
   framework. This includes web publishing, classic
   documentation (read books, articles), online help etc.
* We might want to spend an extra word, saying "extremely
   modular and extensible".

What do you think?


David Crossley wrote:
> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>RG> I'd say stick with what we had
>>I agree. No point in having a lengthy discussion. To a large extent it
>>depends on the perspective you have and the background you come from.
>>So if you feel happier with it, just ignore my proposal and
>>stick with the previous text.
> Here is the new version trying to take some of Ferdinand's
> words into account. If no-one has anything more to add or
> change, then i will go ahead and use this.
> Apache Forrest is a standards-based documentation framework
> using a plugin architecture to transform and aggregate various
> input sources into various output formats. It is modular and
> extensible, based on Apache Cocoon, to emphasise the strict
> separation of presentation and content. This creates a unified
> document collection that can be used as a dynamic application,
> or generated at the command-line, or generated and deployed
> with an automated publishing application.
> --David

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