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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: [Plugin] PDA or Sidebar output plugin ?
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 08:08:22 GMT
You were faster than I Ferdinand,
Thank you for your explaination.


Ferdinand Soethe a écrit :

>I think it would be great to have optional support for advanced
>features of smarter browsers. Though that means you would have to
>support several access options (smart and dumb) for the same browser.
>I guess this is what views are all about?!
>David Crossley wrote:
>DC> I don't understand your intention, so this comment
>DC> might be off-track ...
>My understanding of this is that a couple of browsers like Firefox and
>Mozilla support a sidebar (second pane) that can be used for having a
>second permanent window area to support all kinds of extra info
>So in order to support this in a useful way, all navigational elements
>would need to be moved to a second set of sidebar pages while header
>stuff like Logos etc would still be needed at the top (which might be
>different for PDAs).
>The technology of a sidebar seems quite similar to Framesets. Create
>independent sidebar pages and use links with target='content' to open
>pages in the main content pane.
>More on this in
>Conclusion: It might make sense to implement sidebar support and
>frame-support together since it only requires one more page with the
>frameset elements.
>_However_ if my understanding is correct so far, I wonder what advantage
>there is in supporting sidebars or frames apart from keeping the menu
>in sight while scrolling through a long page. And this can (and
>should) also be achieved using CSS.
>I just raised this in a new topic "Why are navigational element are not static when
>scrolling long pages?"
>And since, in order to achieve real improvements (such as having menues
>that don't cause so much traffic), we would need to use client side
>programming anyway, why not make that standards conforming and client
>Am I making sense?
>Ferdinand Soethe

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