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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: RSS generated page as index
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 10:22:18 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 09:35 +0100, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>>On Sun, 2005-04-24 at 23:15 -0700, Jason End wrote:
>>>>I'm using MovableType to generate a news page for my
>>>>site. Forrest then sucks the RSS into a weblog.xml
>>>>file through a sitemap.xmap entry, as per the example
>>>>on the Forrest site.
>>>>Now I'd like that page to my main page. Ideally my
>>>>main index.xml would contain the RSS feeds, but I
>>>>don't see a way of limiting a sitemap directive to a
>>>>single instance of a file. 
>>>>The other option is to redirect index.html to
>>>>weblog.html but I'm running Forrest with Jetty and
>>>>can't see how to make redirects. 
>>>>Any ideas?
>>>The combination of view/viewHelper plugin is the solution we came up
>>>with to solve this problem. 
>>Hang on there. This is a much simpler use case if I understand 
>>correctly. The index page *is* the RSS feed in this case, the solution 
>>for that is the feeder plugin, so there is no need for the alpha 
> Yeah your are right. view/vH is only needed if the rss feed should be
> embedded in the overall design (and the feeder plugin needs to be
> installed). Like having a document and a small box where links to feeds
> are (the feed). The feeder will allow you having it on a document basis
> (instead of your document content for this page). 
> ...but I guess the question remains how localhost:8888/feeder/index.html
> becomes localhost:8888/index.html

I *thought it was in the docs. It's not, because I haven't implemented 
it yet - it's been sitting in my mind for so long I thought I'd already 
done it...

Currently the feeder plugin works by having a URL that contains 
"feeder". This is bad as it restricts the URL space required. It needs 
to be modified to work with any file of any name. Here's what needs to 
be done:

- Create a DTD for the feedDescriptor file (see plugin docs)
- add a sourcetype resolver to the plugin sitemap to look for files with 
this DTD (a nice clean example of how this is done can be seen in the 
simplified-docbook plugin)

Then we name the feed descriptor file index.xml and Forrest will do the 
rest automagically.


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