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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Recognising commercial entities that support Forrest
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:17:16 GMT
 From my blog 

Matthew Langham often posts on the relationships between Open Source 
projects and commercial organisations profiting from those projects. 
Usually I find myself agreeing with his views, I did so again today when 
he said:

"I still think that just linking to an Open Source project from your 
home-page to "show your appreciation" isn't enough though. That link 
should be to a page showing just what you have done to give back to the 
community. Far more effective."

What a great concept. Thinking about the projects I work on most 
commercial organisations that use the software “show their appreciation“ 
by adding their names to a “used by” list. Think about it, this is 
actually benificial to the company in question as it is another inbound 
link, often from a fairly high ranked page.

Other companies show their appreciation in much more concrete ways, 
Matthew lists some of them as "code, time, test-results, documentation, 
hardware, writing articles about the project", there are of course many 
more ways (I could really do with some financial support whne I present 
at ApacheCon Europe this year, as could most of the presenters).

Why should companies who actively support a project and its community 
get the same “billing” as those who simply use it? I‘m going to discuss 
this on some of the projects I am involved with and see what we can come 
up with.


Well? Should we do anything about this?


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