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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Re: Lenya and forrest integration
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 18:41:49 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:

> my customer wants to have forrest in lenya (or vice versa). :)
> Lenya is officially supporting 2.1.6 (but 2.1.7 is working fine).
> Forrest is using 2.2-dev.

1.2.3 and trunk require 2.1.7

i'd think cocoon 2.2 would work too after we take the new cocoon.xconf 
format (with includes) into account in the build process. also, there 
might be some minor flowscript issues to work out, but otherwise i'd 
expect it to work.

> What do both lists think how to overcome this problem?

we discussed whether to move trunk to cocoon trunk, but decided not to 
do so for now. there were some noises on the cocoon list recently about 
getting a 2.2 release out soon, which would help.

> I reckon I have to change the dir structure from either lenya or forrest
> to make the forrest project files editable within lenya. Which app would
> be best to "learn" the other site structure.

from what i understand, forrest has a superior concept of 'resource 
types' (plugins in forrest lingo), pluggable sitemap components to 
handle rendering of new sorts of content.

lenya has a superior concept for bundling functionality (java, etc) with 
the usecase framework.

didn't you want to work on integrating forrest plugins into lenya?

> What do both projects think which one should become the main app (lenya
> or forrest)?

that's a funny question :)

afaik forrest has no workflow, user management etc, so if you need 
those, the answer would be pretty clear.

> Another more lenya specific question is the usage of 1.4. for the
> integration. We decided to release 1.4 within 2-3 month, do we consider
> this release as (relatively) stable?

definitely do this on 1.4, since 1.2 does not have the usecase framework

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