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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Daisy as a docs editor (was Re: [CocoonInAction] Opening announce)
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 09:07:57 GMT
[Cross posted to Forrest-Dev for obvious reasons]

Steven Noels wrote:
> On 15 Apr 2005, at 00:09, Linden H van der (MI) wrote:
>> If someone would offer a Cocoon hosting or Daisy hosting for the
>> project, I personnaly be happy to move the content there.
> Stay tuned.

Interesting, that is my response too.

I'm about to go away for nearly a week so cannot participate in any 
discussion. However, since Steven clearly has some plans in this area I 
may as well mention my own - which I hope will be compatible.

I am using Daisy internally and am building a plugin for Forrest that 
allows users to include Daisy pages in their Forrest sites. The current 
status of the plugin is that it includes the text of documents from 
multiple repositories. It needs some URL rewriting to make things like 
images work. I will commit what I have to the Forrest whiteboard area in 
case anyone wants to have a play. I intend to finish this after Forrest 
has released 0.7 (we're working on the final leg of that release right now).

Why is this significant?

If Steven is going to be able to source/offer Cocoon hosting, with a 
Daisy Wiki then we get some pretty powerful options, that compliment the 
proposal at very well:

Daisy Wiki is used as the document creation/editing tool. Daisy provides 
a basic edit/review/publish workflow so quality control remains the 
domain of committers.

Forrest is used to generate the site, but rather than having a separate 
repository via SVN it works directly with the Daisy repository using the 
new plugin. The plugin can be set to always retrieve the current live 
page in the daisy repository, i.e. the one that has been approved for 

This means that the Daisy Wiki will make the alpha docs available, 
whilst the cocoon site will show the published docs.

A further benefit of this two phased publication approach is that we can 
avoid the unstructured navigation of an evolving wiki site. The idea of 
the Forrest plugin is that you can have a separate site definition from 
that defined in the daisy repository. Consequently the cocoon site can 
ignore internal documents (such as the one above about the documentation 
system) and instead focus on docs interested to users and potential users.

It would also be possible to have a separate site organisation for 
developers, marketeers, users, committers etc. etc. All documents would 
come from the same central repository, we just maintain a different 
forrest site.xml file for each of the sites.

Note - there would have to be some work to handle links from pages that 
are in Daisy, but not yet published on the main site. I haven't thought 
about how to handle those yet, perhaps point them at a holding page 
explaining the document is an alpha document, then providing a link to 
the daisy wiki.

Anyway, I'll catch up on any discussion when I come back, or I'll just 
let you know when the plugin is complete.


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