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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: 0.7 Plugin Documentation
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:28:34 GMT
Jason End wrote:
> I finally got around to rewriting this page. I have
> some questions concerning the section "Avoiding Plugin
> Conflicts". 


> 1. What plugins actually conflict? If it's only
> docbook, then this might fit better as a section in
> the FAQ.

None at present. It is a precaution against potential future conflicts.

For example, we have a simplified docbook plugin that handles basic 
docbook docs. It is also setup to process documents that use the full 
docbook DTD, even though it does not fully support that schema. It is 
hoped that, one day, someone will create a full docbook plugin. At that 
point there is a potential conflict between the two.

> 2. If there is a conflict, how do you actually resolve
> it? Forrest takes the first plugin listed, but what
> happens with conflicted plugins listed afterwards. Are
> they ever applied?

They are never applied. Once <map:generate ...> element has been 
executed then Forrest considers the request as having been processed, so 
all subsequent matches are ignored.

> Another questions, how can one install plugins
> manually?

Right now, you download the zip file from the location indicated in 
plugins.xml and unpack it into FORREST_HOME/build/plugins

We intend to allow plugins to be loaded from different locations, but at 
present the above is the only solution.

One other thing you might like to know given your current work. I am 
about to commit the plugin documentation system. This will mean that an 
index of plugins (generated from plugins.xml) will be available at 
docs/plugins/index.html and the docs for Apache Forrest hosted plugins 
will be at docs/plugins/PLUGIN_NAME. Perhaps you could put links to the 
index page in you document.


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