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From Arik Kfir <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] New format for skinconf
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2005 17:55:19 GMT
I've noticed that the skinconf.xml contains all the skin colors. 
Generally, that is the place they belong, but I see some problems with this:

a. it takes a lot of space (half the file is dedicated to colors)
b. since the colors are usually grouped (per skin - pelt, leather, etc) 
- meaning there should be some additional level that's currently missing
c. the default color definitions are not located anywhere except as a 
comment in the default skinconf.xml - which means most people do not 
remove the comments because you wouldn't know where to retrieve them in 
case you will change skin

What I would suggest is to introduce an additional (optional) file 
called "skin-colors.xml" which will contain the site's color 
definitions. It should be optional of course.

What's more, with this configuration, we will be able to provide several 
files - each containing the "skin-colors.xml" file to use (the can have a property that points to it, with a 
sensible default) so I can have several color configurations and simply 
"pick out" the one I want by changing a property in

What do you think?

Thorsten Scherler wrote:

>here is a proposal for a new skinconf format. 
>This is based on the recent user discussion (skinconf text elements in
>group.svg) which showed again that our skinconf needs to be more
>extensible without touching the dtd. 
><forrest:property contract="copyright">
>  <!-- The following are used to construct a copyright statement -->
>  <year>2005</year>
>  <vendor>The Apache Software Foundation.</vendor>
>  <copyright-link></copyright-link>
>The idea is to allow all xml within a forrest:property.

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