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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: problem with docs at
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 17:35:25 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>>David Crossley wrote:
>>>David Crossley wrote:
>>>>Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>>>>/docs/dev/ nested below /docs/ seems weird.  I think it would be better
>>>>>to host the current stable release at a url like: /docs/0.7/.  This
>>>>>would also permit us to keep documentation for all old releases
>>>>>(although we would probably want warnings on them if they are too old).
>>>>>0.6 docs had to be kept at /docs/ because they didn't have a split
>>>>>docs/site structure so I kept it as-is.  I had been thinking we'd move
>>>>>to something like /docs/0.7/ for future releases, but I can't find any
>>>>>discussion about this in particular.
>>>>We probably jumped to the conclusion that we only would have
>>>>the current release and the current dev version.
>>>>I agree with this new approach. So would it be like this ...
>>>>Assuming that we don't want to version the top-level docs.
>>>Is that a legitimate assumption? It would change our layout if we do.
>>>I don't know the answer yet either.
>>>>f.a.o/ ... the top-level docs, from trunk/site-author
>>>>f.a.o/docs/ ... is .htaccess to redirect to current release docs.
>>>>f.a.o/docs/0.6/ ... from the forrest_06_branch (*)
>>>>f.a.o/docs/0.7/ ... from the forrest_07_branch, when it is released
>>>>f.a.o/docs/0.8/ ... the next development, from future trunk/docs-author/
>>Let us see what the other solution would be.
>>(Say that "current release" is 0.7)
>>f.a.o/ ... the top-level docs, .htaccess to redirect to 0.7 top-level
>>f.a.o/docs/ ... .htaccess to redirect to 0.7/docs/
>>f.a.o/0.6/ ... from the forrest_06_branch
>>f.a.o/0.6/docs/ ... from the forrest_06_branch
>>f.a.o/0.7/ ... from the forrest_07_branch/site-author/
>>f.a.o/0.7/docs/ ... from the forrest_07_branch/docs-author/
>>f.a.o/0.8/ ... the next development, from the trunk/site-author/
>>f.a.o/0.8/docs/ ... from the trunk/docs-author/
> I have done local tests with both methods. The second way
> seems much easier and leaves more scope for the future.
> To use the first way, would also mean a re-structure of the
> docs part of forrest_06_branch.
> --David

Furthering this idea, if we are versioning and storing docs-author and
site-author, do we really need to store them seperately?  As you said,
this method would mean we won't have to restructure the
forrest_06_branch docs into two parts.

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